PH International Georgia is pleased to announce a blog contest for civil education teachers involved in the program within the framework of the program "Future Generation" financed by USAID. The competition will help to share information and professional experience among teachers. In addition, the aim of the competition is to increase public awareness of the importance of civil education and good citizenship.

Civic education teachers should seek and post the following information on their blogs:

1. Quotations related to the subject of civic education from the writings of Georgian writers, examples of good citizenship from the lives of well-known Georgian people, excerpts from history or everyday life. The present information must be preceded by the opinion of the teacher regarding this issue;

And / or

2. Information on the civic activities of pupils that the teacher should link to events, history or quotations of famous Georgian writers in Georgia.

Each information posted on the blog (each blogpost) should not exceed 70 words. The program "Future Generation" through social networks provides information about blogs created by teachers.

Technical Requirements:

• Records placed by the author should be made in Georgian letters (Sylfaen);

• Each uploaded information must be accompanied by a photo of the relevant content;

• The blog must have to be activated by the counter meter;

• The blog should have a separate section "About Me", which will define the goals of the blog and indicate the name, surname, region and school of the author of the blog;

• All blogs created by teachers will be related to the Forum of Civic Education Teachers Forum

Competition Terms and Period:

• Only participants can participate in the program "School of Future" in schools of civic education teachers involved;

• Teachers should create blogs and place them on the 11th of March 2016, including March 1, 2017; The winners will be revealed in May 2017; We recommend teachers to start posting information on the blog immediately after announcement of the competition from October 2016;


• When analyzing blogs, attention will be paid to the following characteristics:

1. Compliance of information on the blog with the competition topic;

2. Content of the information contained in the blog;

3. Diversity of information on the blog;

4. Number of information on the blog (eg, how many new information the teacher has posted on the blog);

5. Number of visitors and replies;

• Teachers' blogs will evaluate civil education experts, journalists, NGOs and other specialists;

• Teachers who have already won the contest of the blog "Future Generation" and have been awarded in the spring of 2016, will not be able to participate in the competition.


• 3-5 winners will be identified. All participants, who regularly place the information on the competition requirements, will receive a certificate of participation. The winners will be awarded with prizes at the award ceremony.


In order to take part in the contest and immediately after the first tender information on the blog, fill out the application form that is given below:

After completing the application form the blog will be displayed on the website of the Civic Education Teachers Forum at the blogs section of the

Civic Education for Civic Society

This website is made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in the framework of the program "Momavlis Taoba" (Future Generation), implemented by PH International. The contents are the sole responsibility of Civic Education Teacher’s Forum and do not necessarily reflect the views of IFES, USAID or the United States